Mule Artisan Coffee

Mule is an independently owned company focused in handcrafted coffee, ensuring freshness and top quality in every cup. Roasted in Brooklyn Navy Yards, we are proud supporters of fair, sustainable conditions for our farmers who always work diligently, picking only the finest beans.

Our goal is to transport you with every sip, to make every single cup a ritual of aroma, texture and quality. We strive to become your getaway, the pause in the day we all crave.


How do we get to the best quality coffee?

Due to the variety of soils and microclimates in different parts of the world, coffee is grown at different altitudes and temperatures. Each crop has its own characteristics, none are alike, but they all have something special.

This is why our work is to be in continuous search of producing farms in different regions, seeking unique crops that meet our expectations and quality standards. 
Our coffee is hand roasted in small batches, which results in a personalized coffee ensuring a fresh and artisanal coffee at any time of year.



In third world countries, entire families depend on coffee harvesting in order to subsist. This is why Mule Artisan Coffee takes responsibility in raising consciousness of the hard work behind each cup of coffee. We value our farmers and their communities, and we only buy after ensuring fair sustainable working conditions.

Mule Artisan Coffee supports and helps to spread this tradition with transparency. Without these families, coffee culture and knowledge passed down through generations would disappear.